About us

We are a group of cycling enthusiasts, with a particular interest in long-distance routes across France. In preparation for our trips, we've consulted many commercially available guidebooks, and found them all lacking. They were often out of date, and rarely of any help when looking for accommodations along the route. Few things are as frustrating as huddling rain-soaked under a bridge, calling a list of lodging options, only to discover they'd gone out of business years ago!

At first, we shared our "trek notes" just among our friends, then we figured, why not turn them into a full-fledged online guide? The result of many months of research, combined with the help of dozens of contributors, is the kind of cycle touring guide we wished we'd had when we'd set off on our own tours.

By encouraging others to follow our footsteps (or rather, bike tracks), we want to help cycle touring continue to gain in popularity. We hope that this increased interest will lead communities across Europe to copy the French model of voies vertes by establishing dedicated biking paths along scenic routes.