Canal de Garonne by Bike: Agen to Moissac

Cross the D 813 (but don't cross the bridge) and continue on the bike path. Pass under the D 13, then under the D 656 1 km later.

9 km Castelculier

Castelculier is home to Villascopia, a Roman archaeological site. There's also a hotel that has great reviews and is located less than 400m from the bike path. To reach it, turn left on the D 443 and look for it on the left-hand side. From the roundabout just beyond the hotel, follow the signs to Villascopia, 1 km away.

Continuing along the bike path, you'll pass over a pont-canal (across the Séoune). You'll pass by (but not over) another of the by now familiar arched bridges, then just over 1 km later, you'll reach a more modern bridge with wrought-iron railings.

To reach CHLes Loges du Canal du Midi, turn left here, then left again at the intersection. Third house on the right.

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Continue along the Canal and less than 1 km later, reach the Écluse de Saint-Christophe. The lock-keeper's cottage has been turned into a B&B.

As you continue, you'll pass under an arched bridge, then come to a bridge with wrought-iron railings.

5 km Saint-Jean-de-Thurac

No particular sights in this tiny village, but there's a tranquil B&B on the other side of the Canal, 250m from the bike path. Cross the bridge across the Canal and the railway, then look for the third house on the left.

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Les Peupliers CH — 250m from bike path. Single €45, double €55, triple €75 (with breakfast). Dinner €14–18/person. Swimming pool. Lieu dit a Guillemis+33 553 95 79 38+33 605 67 98 15

It's another 1 km to the next bridge, where you cross the Canal at the Écluse du Noble. Continue on the bike path along the right (south) side of the Canal, then cross back to the left (north) side 2 km later. 1 km later, pass under the D 813, then after another 2 km, cross the Canal once more, and continue on the right (south) side until you reach the D 30 road bridge.

7 km Lamagistère

Lamagistère has a hotel and a train station. to enter the village, turn right and follow the D 30 up to the D 813. Turn left at the roundabout, and after 500m, find the train station on the left, and the hotel on the right. (Be careful on the D 813, as it is the region's major thoroughfare.)

To continue along the Canal, pass under the D 30 and reach the Écluse de Lamagistère after 1 km, and the pont-canal across the Barguelonne after another 1 km.

After 4 km, the bike path curves away from the Canal and passes a striped-brick building. This is the Ancien Abattoir de Valence d’Agen, a historic slaughterhouse that has been turned into a rest stop for cyclists, with bathroom facilities and a picnic area.

Less than 1 km later, you'll pass under a modern road bridge, followed immediately by a narrow stone bridge. This is the entrance to Valence d'Agen.

7 km Valence d'Agen

To enter Valence, cross the stone bridge and follow the paved lane up to the main road, then follow this main road to the market square.

You'll find a hotel and three chambred d'hôtes in town.

Continuing along the bike path, you'll pass the Écluse de Valence d'Agen 600m later, then the Écluse de Pommevic after another 2 km. You'll pass under a modern road bridge (D 11E1), then come to one of the familiar arched bridges.

3 km Pommevic

Cross this bridge if you want to reach Pommevic, a small village with a hotel. Take the paved lane up to the D 813 and turn right, and find the hotel on the right after 100m.

If you turn left on the D 813 and then follow the D 96, you'll also find a chambre d'hôte set in a luxurious château in nearby Goudorville.

Château de Goudourville CH — 7 rooms. Double from €120 (with breakfast). Lieu dit Le Pech, 761 chemin du Château, (Goudourville)+33 5 63 29 09 06

Otherwise, pass under the bridge and continue along the bike path.

From here until Moissac, the path is part of the GR-65, a long-distance footpath better known as the Chemin de Saint-Jacques, one of the pilgrim routes of the Camino to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. On this stretch, you'll likely encounter walkers with a scallop shell — the symbol of the Camino — pinned to their backpacks.

The path continues past the Écluse du Braguel, then under a bridge, and comes to a modern arched bridge after 1.3 km.

Cross here if you want to reach Malause. No accommodations in this village, but there's a train station just across the Canal (However, trains only stop here early in the morning and late afternoon).

From here to the next bridge, you may need to share the path with an occasional car. Continue to Écluse du Petit Bézy, 3.5 km farther along the Canal.

6 km Boudou

Across the Canal from the Écluse du Petit Bézy lies the small commune of Boudou.

There's a chambre d'hôte that's popular with pilgrims hiking the GR-65. Cross the Canal and take the paved lane to the D 813, and turn left (Although this is not a busy road, cars may pass you at high speed, so be careful here!). Turn right after 800m and follow the street uphill.

Continue along the Canal to Moissac, passing the Écluse d'Espagnette along the way.

6 km Moissac

Moissac is an important stopover along the GR-65, one of the French sections of the Camino de Santiago. In all likelihood, you'll have encountered pelerins, on their way to the Pyrenees and beyond, as you cycled into town.

The principal attraction in Moissac is the Abbey of Saint-Pierre; the columns of its courtyard, depicting various biblical motifs, are considered some of the finest works of Romanesque sculpture.

There are two hotels and two gîtes d'etape.

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