Canal de Garonne by Bike: Le Mas-d'Agenais to Agen

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From Mas-d'Agenais, the bike path continues along the Canal. After 500m, pass under the D 6. After 2.5 km, you'll be briefly on the D 234, then pick up the bike path again, before you reach Lagruère after another 1 km.

4 km Lagruère

There's a chambre d'hôte in this tiny village. Cross the bridge, then right on the second street.

Madeys CH — 4 rooms. Single €40–50, double €50–60, triple €75 (with breakfast). Extra bed €15. Owners speak English. Bout de la Côte+33 684 42 68 10+33 524 30 41 09

As you continue along the Canal, you'll pass the Écluse de la Gaulette after 2 km. After another 2 km, cross the D 120. Less than 1 km later, you'll reach the Écluse de la Gaule. The former lock-keeper's cottage houses the restaurant La Chope et Le Pichet.

5 km later, you'll pass the Écluse de Berry.

3 km after that, you'll reach a small port, and after a short section on a minor road, you'll come to the D 8E1 road bridge.

12 km Damazan

Cross the bridge to enter Damazon, is a delightful little village built around the mairie in its central square. A nearby lake is popular for water sports.

There are two chambes d'hôtes in the surrounding countryside.

CHDomaine de Balous is near the lake; follow the D 108 south, then turn right on a street signposted "Balous".

For CHLa Vigneraie, follow the Route de Mahourat, a quiet street that leaves the village going west (near the Casino grocery store; signposted "Zone Artisanale") and passes under the motorway 1 km later. At the next intersection, turn left to follow a farm lane up to the D 8. On your right, you'll see a gravel track with signs for gites and chambres.

As you continue along the Canal, you'll reach a small leisure port after less than 4 km. Here, the bike path runs parallel to the D 641, which you'll cross 400m later. After another 300, you'll come to the port of Buzet-sur-Baïse, where you'll find a café and public bathrooms.

Pass through the port area (be mindful cars entering and exiting the parking lot here) and continue on the bike path along the Canal. After 4 km, you'll reach a basin bounded by two locks (Lardaret and Baïse). Just before the first lock, cross to the right (south) side of the Canal.

After the basin, you'll cross over the Petit Baïse, the river that has been meandering close to the Canal, and another 1 km later, you'll come to the D 12 road bridge.

9 km Feugarolles

The village of Feugarolles lies 1 km south of the Canal (to the right on the D 12). Its two chambres d'hôtes, however, are on the north side of the Canal. To reach them, take the path up to the road and turn left. 300m later, turn left onto a gravelly farm lane.

To continue along the bike path, pass under the D 12 road bridge. 1 km later, pass under the D 930. After 4.5 km, you'll reach the Écluse de l'Auvignon. 3 km later, you'll come to a bridge with a sign for Montesquieu.

8 km Montesquieu

The village lies 2 km to the south. Turn right on the road to reach it.

Otherwise, cross the bridge and continue on the north side of the Canal. From here until Serignac, the route follows a minor road instead of a dedicated bike path.

Less than 1 km later, you pass the CHSauvin sur Voie Verte.

Continue on the street until you pass a group of grain silos and a small port, and the road bridge of the D 286.

4 km Serignac-sur-Garonne

To enter the village, cross the Canal and continue along the road for 300m. There's a tourist office at the intersection. To get to the center, follow the narrow street straight ahead.

To reach the hotel, turn left in front of the tourist office, continue straight onto the Rue de Menjoulan, and follow it for 400m.

To continue, stay on (or return to) the north side of the Canal and pick up the bike path. 6 km later, you'll reach a bridge with a sign for Brax.

6 km Brax

The village lies 2 km south of the Canal and has a hotel. To reach it, cross the Canal and head straight, then turn left on the D 119 and find it on the right after 600m.

To continue, stay on the north side of the Canal. Follow the quiet road for 200m, then pick up the bike path again. After 3 km, you'll come to a series of basins, connected by four locks. After that, you'll cross the Pont-canal d'Agen across the Garonne.

5 km Agen

Agen is the biggest town (population: 34,000) that you'll encounter along the Canal de Garonne (until you reach Toulouse).

Agen is also known for its prunes, cultivated in copious quantity in the surrounding region, and holds an annual Prune Festival in September.

The seemingly obvious way to get into Agen is to turn right at the D 813 and head straight into the city, but this is a traffic-choked road.

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