Canal de Garonne by Bike: Moissac to Toulouse

To continue from Moissac, follow the streets along the Canal, or head down to the Garonne and ride on the bike path along the river's north bank. Either way will take you to the Écluse de Moissac, the first in a series of three locks.

If you're approaching from the north side of the Canal, use the footbridge to cross the Canal. If you followed the street along its south side, or the bike path along the Garonne, cross a bridge across a side canal (which also has a lock), then follow the signposted bike path to the Écluse de Moissac.

Continue along the south side of the Canal, passing the two other locks (Grégonne and Cacor), then cross the pont-canal over the river Tarn.

1.5 km later, the bike path passes under one of those familiar arched bridges.

If you follow the road just to your right, you'll find a Wild-West-themed hotel just on your right-hand side.

Shortly thereafter, the bike path passes another triplet of locks (Écluse d'Artel, Écluse de Verriès, and Écluse de Saint-Jean des Vignes).

You'll cross under A 62 motorway, and pass another lock, the Écluse de Castelsarrasin, then come to a modern road bridge (the D 45).

9 km Castelsarrasin

Castelsarrasin is another important halte nautique with a large leisure port. There are two hotels in town, both with great reviews. On the way to Saint-Porquier, you'll also find two chambres d'hôtes in the countryside, close to the Canal.

To continue from Castelsarrasin, make your way along the port on the southwest side of the Canal (the same side on which you arrived), past a small park. A few hundred meters later, the bike path starts again.

The path takes you up to a modern arched steel bridge. Cross the Canal by means of the bike path, which spirals to take you back under the bridge, to continue on the north side of the Canal. After 600m, you'll pass the Écluse de Prades.

After 2 km, you'll pass under the D 958, and after another 1 km, you'll reach an old arched bridge.

To reach CHLes Dantous, turn left here (don't cross the bridge!) and follow the paved lane for 250m.

Continue on the bike path along the Canal to the Écluse de Saint-Martin.

To get to the CHDomaine de Coustous, turn right to cross the Canal, and follow the paved lane up to the D 813. Turn left, and find the B&B after 200m on the right.

Follow the bike path along the Canal. Pass under the D 14, then reach another old arched bridge after 2 km (This is the D 79).

7 km Saint-Porquier

To reach the village, cross the Canal here and follow the D 79 up to the D 813, where you turn left.

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As you continue along the Canal, you'll pass under an almost identical bridge 500m later, then reach the Écluse d'Escatalens after another 2 km. You'll pass under yet another bridge like the ones before, then under a modern road bridge. Shortly after that, the Canal splits into two arms.

Shortly after, you'll reach the Montech Water Slope (Pente d'eau de Montech). This contraption moves a wedge of water up and down a canal-like structure. This is a faster way for boats to negotiate the elevation change than the four locks on the southern arm, which sit mostly unused.

Cross the bridge at the bottom of the water slope and continue along the bike path in-between the two canal arms — at the top of the Pente d'eau. After 500m, cross over the south arm, and continue along the towpath into Montech.

7 km Montech

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After 500m, cross a footbridge to the left (east) side of the Canal, then after 1 km, cross back to the right (west) side, at the Écluse de Lavache.

cast-concrete bridge, D77

familiar-looking arched bridge

7 km Monbequi

Photo by VeloMidi

To reach the village of Monbequi, take the path up to the D 77 (a quiet country lane) and follow it west (to the right — do not cross the bridge). Follow the D 77 for 2.5 km to the main street, the D 813.

To reach the chambre d'hôte, cross the D 813 and follow the street that is just ahead of you, slightly to the right (rue du Bac), and find it after 100m on the left-hand side.

The bike path continues along the Canal and passes under two similar-looking bridges, then reaches a more substantial road bridge (for the D 6) after 4 km.

4 km Dieupentale

To enter the village of Dieupentale, take the path up to the bridge and turn right on the D 6. To reach the train station, turn left on the D 6 to cross the Canal, then take the first left.

A farm just outside of the village offers rooms. At the roundabout in the village, turn left on the D 813 (towards Toulouse), then take the street on your right after 100m. Follow the sign for "Gîte Rural Perruquines."

Otherwise, pass under the bridge and follow the bike path for 5 km. You'll pass under three bridges before you come to a fourth, for the D 49.

5 km Grisolles

Grisolles is a small town with a train station, a hotel, and two chambres d'hôtes. For the hotel, turn left on the D 49 to cross the Canal and head up to the roundabout.

To continue, follow the bike path and pass the Écluse d'Embalens after 4 km. The next bridge is the D 29, 1.5 km later, where you can cross the Canal to reach the train station of Castelnau-d'Estrétefonds.

After another, 1.5 km, you'll reach the Écluse de Castelnau, and 1 km thereafter, the Écluse de l'Hers and the pont-canal across the river Hers.

3 km later, you'll come to the Écluse de Saint-Jory.

12 km Saint-Jory

To enter Saint-Jory, cross the Canal before the lock and follow the D 20 for 500m. You'll pass the train station and then come to a roundabout. Straight ahead, you'll see a hotel. To reach it, continue on the D 20 to the next roundabout, then turn left and immediately head down the driveway to your left. At the end of this driveway are the entrances to the hotel and also to a chambre d'hote.

Écluse de Bordeneuve Écluse de Lespinasse Écluse de Fenouillet

8 km Fenouillet

To reach the small town of Fenouillet, follow the street to the right for 800m, then turn right on the main road (the D 64). For the chambre d'hôte, continue on the main road for 2 km and find it on the left just before a roundabout.

Écluse de Lacourtensourt

Écluse de Lalande

After your relaxing ride through the countryside, the final approach into Toulouse will fee rather jarring.

2.5 km arrive at Port de l'Embouchure

cross two streets (Boulevard de Suisse and Boulevard de l'Embouchure) and continue towards the left along the bike path (signposted "berges du Canal / Centre Ville / Gare").

7 km Toulouse

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